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Stadimax aims to help you boost every aspect of your business. Our executive services provide owners and boards with a unique and knowledgeable outside perspective to spot improvement opportunities and to help you achieve your high-level, long-term business goals. Our extensive experience running strategic planning sessions with boards, conducting full-scope and targeted operational and financial reviews, and implementing large-scale operational changes, enables us to provide you and your team with precise action plans to run a better and healthier organisation.

Operational Reviews and Financial Analysis

Stadimax captures the information needed to identify opportunities for improvement and generate strategies for implementation. Results and findings are presented to provide a comprehensive picture of your organisation in a formal or interactive session carefully designed to inspire boards and senior management to take immediate action.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves a wide range of stakeholders. We ask the right questions to gather the relevant information that will help you understand your unique challenges and opportunities. Stadimax ensures you have all the information you need to make wise and confident decisions.

Organisational Change Management

We ensure you have the building blocks in place to move forward efficiently and with appropriate buy-in from all stakeholders. Our attention to detail and change management methods will prevent even the smallest details from falling through the cracks. Our approach isn’t to tell people what to do, but to bring them into the process, build ownership and get them energised about the change. Our success comes when it’s time for us to walk away and for you move forward confidently without us.