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Our unique research methodology and reporting process removes the guesswork from season ticket sales and the development of premium seating and other exclusive hospitality offerings. After completing our analysis, based on intensive surveys of the business community and wealthy individuals, Stadimax delivers actionable market advice to accurately determine premium seating tiers, product offerings for each tier and pricing levels. This allows you to ensure that the quantity and quality of premium lounge spaces and seat capacities at various membership tiers meet marketplace demand, maximising revenue opportunities for both the short and long term.

Stadimax Digital

Stadimax Digital develops interactive digital engagement tools for clubs and their sponsors to market to, connect with and gather information from their fans. This direct fan engagement provides vital information about your fans’ demographics, preferred platforms and other personal preferences. Using this information effectively gives you the ability to have more meaningful communication with your supporters, increasing fan engagement with the club and its sponsors and ultimately leading to long-term loyalty and revenue streams.