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The creation of a reliable, monthly revenue stream through subscription donation has long been the backbone of most major cause-related charities globally. The reason for its success is based on the simple dynamic that small monthly donations are affordable and provide donors with a strong sense of goodwill and community spirit.

Sporting clubs, although ideally suited to adopt a subscription donation strategy, because of deeply ingrained lifelong affinities, have rarely taken advantage of this lucrative revenue stream beyond small lottery schemes and/or academy donations.

With the advent of COVID-19 there has never been a better time to adopt a Fans Funding scheme to support club’s on-field operations or off-field team directly.

Stadimax has the specialist skills to recruit, train and mentor a new or existing out-bound sales team to develop this untapped income perfectly placed to leverage not only existing in stadium supporters but as importantly to secure ‘passive’ supporters, who through reason of location or health issues aren’t able to attend matches.

Fantastically, passive supporters typically out number ticket purchasing fans by many multiples being social media affiliation.

Stadimax has tried and tested marketing strategy, sales scripts and mentoring skills which have delivered substantial sums on a unlimited monthly recurring basis.