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Premium seat membership and other high-end hospitality products are an important source of reliable long-term income. They play a significant role in the financial planning of both new and redeveloped stadium projects. Maximising these key products in terms of both price and quantity is of vital importance to ensure the long-lasting viability of the venue and its tenants.

Stadimax has been actively involved in the delivery over £250M in premium seat membership over the past 17 years across 10 major stadium projects in the UK and Australia. In addition to assisting with pre-planning and research, our experienced management personnel act as sales managers and lead agents for the day-to-day sales process of premium seat membership.

Our complete sales delivery process includes:

  • Recruitment and training of sales agents and administration staff.
  • Day-to-day management of sales team productivity.
  • Development and implementation of detailed marketing strategy.
  • Management of administrative processes including IT systems, pipeline development and CRM systems.
  • Daily and weekly reporting to client senior management.

Effective planning before and after the sales period is crucial to ensure durable, maximised revenue generation. Stadimax offers experience in both the pre-planning market research and marketing strategy development with the aim of optimising revenue while minimising up-front and long-term premium seat marketing costs. Stadimax also offers support services in the continued management of premium seat membership with the aim of maintaining a sold-out membership inventory, healthy waiting lists and reliable income collections.