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Pamela Collins, CPA, brings a fresh perspective to the sports industry with her strong financial background and huge passion for sports. She has been studying the business aspects of international football including financial fair play and the intricacies of the operations of the sport for the past five years. She regularly attends sports conventions sponsored by Soccerex, Leaders, Sports Journal and Sports Pro.

Pam is a leader with the ability to communicate effectively within all levels of an organization. She is a consensus builder who easily builds trust with groups, departments and individuals within an organization. Stadimax capitalizes on her experience to bring operational reviews to sports clubs around the globe.

In 2013, Pam launched Collins Sports Group focusing on contingency sports coverage and developing digital games for sports clubs and sponsors. In 2016, Pam met Stadimax founder Ken Sharp at a Leaders conference in London. Realizing the synergy between the organizations and the benefit of working together, Pam opened Stadimax USA.

Prior to entering the sports industry, Pam founded Collins Consulting in 1992 after a successful career with KPMG where she specialized in banking and insurance. For more than two decades, she worked directly for boards of directors and senior management doing a wide range of high-level projects ranging from operational/financial reviews to managing entire IT implementations. In 2009, Pam was named by Business Insurance magazine as a “Woman to Watch” in the global insurance market.

Pam is an avid football fan who enthusiastically manages her Barclay’s Premier League fantasy football team every year. She also serves on the board of Soccer in the Streets and is an active supporter of youth soccer activities in Atlanta. She has attended more than 50 English football matches in the Premier and Champions Leagues as well as a wide range of sporting events in the US.

Pam holds a MS in professional accountancy from Walsh College and a BA in economics and management from Albion College.