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Rene Licata works to provide sporting complexes and entertainment facilities with vital commercial viability to achieve long term legacy with Stadimax. Rene has a passion for innovative property development and creating robust, financially viable sporting and entertainment facilities for councils and government.

In 2003 Rene lead the development of the Middleton Grange Town Centre project, the first of its type in NSW, with new zoning approvals, design and concept. He has also worked on residential projects in Sydney and South East Asia, including a number in Malaysia for the royal family of Selangor and in Kuala Lumpur with Concorde Hotel group. This provided Rene with broad experience in project development process and management accountability.

Before moving into the construction industry, Rene played professional football in Australia for 10 years with a number of clubs in the National Soccer League (pre-cursor to the A-League), and played in World Cup finals in Mexico in 1983. Rene also has experience in club management with the Northern Spirit FC and as a part owner of NSL football club during the period of time in Australia when the world game was just starting to gain traction at a full professional level.