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Contingency Coverage

Contingency insurance policies allow teams and clubs to make financial promises to players, coaches and fans for a fraction of the cost. Policies can also be designed to protect revenue in the case of unforeseen events.

Operating through our fully licensed insurance agency, Collins Sports Insurance Agency, we work with markets in the U.S., London, Europe, and Bermuda to find the best coverage to meet our clients’ needs.

Performance Bonus Cover – Incentivize your players

Offer performance bonuses to players for qualifying for a competition or being promoted without hurting your cash flow. Alternative risk transfer arrangements can allow you to remove bonus liability from your balance sheet.

Event Cancellation – Plan events without worry

Protect your event from circumstances outside of your control. From adverse weather to non-appearance of a star player, your revenue and any incurred costs/expenses can be covered, leaving you with peace of mind to plan your event.

Player Coverage – Protect your most important asset

Player Coverage protects a player or team when the unexpected occurs including career ending insurance (permanent total disability); wage protection (temporary total disability); and accidental death, disablement and disgrace coverages.

In addition to the above highlighted coverages we also offer other sports related cover. Contact us today to find out more.