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Digital Marketing Campaigns

Collins Sports Group offers digital marketing campaigns that are easy to launch, cost effective, and don’t require your IT department assistance.

The technology allows users to play games on their mobile devices to win instant prizes. The games and prizes are easily customized to engage fans and customers specifically to your unique goals and desired outcomes.

Easy to Implement – Campaigns can be up and running within days with your logo, colors and background design, so it has the feel of customization without the added cost.

No Need for Your IT Department – Campaigns can interface directly into your system or be a stand-alone contest. Campaigns are hosted, and all technical work is done by our partner vendor.

Market Research – Complimentary reports recording participation, and metadata collected helps you benchmark your success and capitalize on the knowledge for future campaigns.

Auditable Results – The campaigns utilize a patented random number generator that is GLI certified, making it the most secure technology to ensure there is no cheating. Results are reported and verified before a prize is given out. We can’t rig the contest, and contestants can’t cheat. It’s that simple.

Tell me more about the games

The standard games including Scratch Off, Pick 1 of 3, and Wheel Spin were developed using a digital online activation platform and can be played on any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Campaigns can also be run simultaneously on social, mobile and web applications.

All games are set up with instant win mechanics so your consumers get instant results!  Types and values of prizes can range from free to millions and anywhere in between, depending upon your budget.  We can fulfill the prize requirement or leave it up to you.  This allows you to focus on marketing the campaign, not administrating the prize.

Legal disclaimers and rules can be provided by our partner vendor, with standard promotion legal wording that is compliant in every state. Our vendor has almost 30 years of promotion and sweepstakes law experience, offering customers rules that will meet all legal requirements – taking the burden off of you.

Contact us today to see how we can create a promotion that is a huge hit!