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Prize Coverage

Collins Sports Group can help you come up with creative contests of skill and probability to encourage fan engagement and increase your outreach.

While operating within an established budget, we work with your marketing and financial teams to come up with contests that you can afford.

Prize Coverage – Insuring the cost of the big prize

Run contests and promotional games on a set budget on and off the field. Encourage your fans to participate in a contest by offering big prizes that cost you a fraction of the total prize amount.

Games of Skill

  • Half-court and full-court shots
  • Kick the ball in the net

Contests of Chance

  • Match the right number
  • Lottery type games

Sales Promotion – Encourage customers to buy your products

Sponsors/Retailers can run promotions that will reimburse their customers for the full price of the merchandise if a certain team wins a title or any other sports event.

Example: If the USA Women’s soccer team wins the World Cup, the goods your customers bought during the month of May will be refunded.

The sponsor/retailer purchases an insurance policy through Collins Sports Group to cover the cost of reimbursement to the customer. The buzz around the contest will drive customers into your store increasing your sales. Both customer and retailer walk away winners with this coverage.