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Stadium and Sports Club Revenue

More than £280M in revenue secured for stadium and club clients worldwide.

What can Stadimax do for you?

Stadimax is a stadium and sports consultancy with years of experience providing our clients with integrated commercial and operational advice and solutions for successful sales management and marketing, high-end sales coaching and team building.


From stadium builds and seat sales to sales training and sponsorship development, Stadimax has maximised revenue for clubs and sports facilities all around the globe.
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A subscription product that all fans can be part of

Creating a significant, new and reliable monthly revenue stream,
Fans Fund is the game changer your Club has been waiting for.

“A highly effective and well executed subscription programme that in its first year delivered more than 6,300 new members and generated £1.2m in new revenue for the Club. Net retention levels for the second year of the programme were 91% and the initiative remains the envy of many other league clubs. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stadimax’s services should your club be considering such a programme.”

 Rob Wicks
Commercial Director – Aberdeen


Meet our worldwide Stadimax team!

Ken Sharp

Group Chairman

David Chaplin

Commercial Operations Director

Felicity Waller

Sales and Marketing Director

Pam Collins, CPA

Partner, Americas

Richie Williams

Partner, Australasian

Rene Licata

Partner, Asia-Pacific