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Ken Sharp

Group Chairman

As managing director of the Stadimax Group, Ken has a keen understanding of the commercial aspects of professional sports and…

David Chaplin

Commercial Operations Director

David is a hybrid of commercial and operational expertise, dedicated to making sports clubs and stadiums more financially sustainable. Identified…

Felicity Waller

Sales and Marketing Director

Felicity has more than ten years of commercial and marketing experience within the sports industry, and has represented a full…

Pam Collins, CPA

Partner, Americas

Pamela Collins, CPA, brings a fresh perspective to the sports industry with her strong financial background and huge passion for…

Richie Williams

Partner, Australasian

Richie has a diverse background of experience and skills that allow him to work with any stakeholder group and identify…

Rene Licata

Partner, Asia-Pacific

Rene Licata works to¬†provide sporting complexes and¬†entertainment facilities with vital commercial viability to achieve long term legacy with Stadimax. Rene…